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Vielight’s Intranasal Light Therapy

Intranasal Light Therapy with Qi Light by Vielight

'Qi-light' a pioneering name for non-laser Intranasal Light Therapy device is now replaced by “The Life Light” trademarked by Vielight. Intranasal light therapy uses the nostrils as channels to direct therapeutic light energy into the body and the brain. The treatment process simply involves clipping the comfortable nose piece and pressing a button to activate it. Relevant scientific information are presented on this website, with some emphasis on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interpretation of the phenomenon of blood irradiation by intranasal light therapy. More information is available at www.mediclights.com and www.vielight.com

Static pictures of red blood cell samples before and after treatment:

Images of aggregated RBC before and after of 25 minute blood irradiation treatment.

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The future of energy medicine

Vielight LT uses low level laser for lower power usage

Light therapy is listed as veritable energy medicine by the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Intranasal light therapy is probably the most convenient to use while strongly supported by science and evidence. The success at which it is able to facilitate blood flow makes it as a potent greaser for the flow of vital energy or 'Qi', allowing for the easier balancing of 'Yin and 'Yang' forces under the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Video clips of blood samples from patients before and after treatments:

Visible freeing of Qi-flow

The aggregation of red blood cells (blood is the mother of Qi) associates with the blockage of Qi energy flow. An intranasal light therapy session with Vielight disaggregates the red blood cells and frees its flow, as demonstrated above.

Using intranasal device

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